The force of nature for continuous improvement is a great way to describe The Lifetime Mettle Jacket from Factorem. It's a Tech Wear piece Jonathan Shaun has spent endless hours perfecting via many variants, and it's probably the best ever made in our exclusive Military-Spec Lab.

What started off as a technical washable wool solution has morphed into a weatherproof jacket with over 20 functions that's as tough as it is comfortable, and versatile enough to wear on a hike or out to dinner. Sourced from a mill that specializes in only technical Smart Textile.

The 4-way stretch, recycled polyester is a 3-layer wicked dry inner core that exchanges airflow – so you can rest assure you are covered from -25 to 65 degree easy. It's launch 5/6 years ago couldn’t have been possible today without the new nanotech Smart Textiles and wearable technologies.