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Surface Treatment Processes
Phosphate Coating
Typically, a phosphate coating is acquired by administering a weak solution of phosphoric acid, potentially including soluble iron, zinc, and/or manganese salts, to the steel component.
Eletropolishing involves an electrochemical procedure that eliminates material from a metallic workpiece, smoothes metal surfaces, and reduces roughness.
Type II & Type III Hardcoat Anodizing (With Colour)
Type II anodizing creates a protective oxide layer on aluminum, ideal for vibrant dyeing and corrosion resistance, while Type III anodizing offers a thicker, more durable coating with superior resistance to abrasion and thermal shock, albeit at a higher cost and lower application temperature.
Chemical treatment improves stainless steel corrosion resistance, Chromate Conversion - Protects steel, aluminum, and zinc alloys from corrosion, improves paint and adhesive adhesion, adds a decorative finish, preserves electrical conductivity, and offers resistance to abrasion and light chemicals.
Electroless Nickel Plate
A chemical method that coats a solid substrate, such as metal or plastic, with a uniform layer of nickel-phosphorus alloy through immersion in a water solution with nickel salt and a phosphorus-containing reducing agent.
Powder Coating
Powder coating is a dry, electrostatically applied coating cured with heat or UV light, often made of thermoplastic or thermoset polymer, to achieve a durable finish tougher than regular paint.
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