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Digitalize your workflow, optimize factory capacities and go global with Factorem.
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Scale Orders Beyond Borders
Whether you are an SME or not, get access to global projects without having to travel. We put your manufacturing capabilities and capacities to optimal use, scaling orders for maximum efficiency.
Seamless & Transparent Order Management Process
Our robust platform capabilities and systems enable easy quoting, order processing and handling of quality documents so you get paid on-time.
Easy Digital Onboarding
Experience a revolutionary onboarding process that allows you to join Factorem network in 2 weeks instead of months - all through 1 online platform.
Partner Onboarding Process
Upon joining Factorem's Network, access the platform for free setup, enabling you to efficiently handle new high-value orders weekly, tailored to your capabilities.


We identify and invite suppliers meeting our standards to join our onboarding portal.


We assess supplier capabilities, and issue RFQ for a sample part matching their expertise.


New supplier begins production and utilize the digital platform for post-production processes. This follows a workflow similar to real orders on Factorem platform, including quality report uploads and delivery documentation.

Quality Assessment

We evaluate supplier quality, leading to formal agreements upon acceptance.

Final Onboarding

We digitally gather additional details on capabilities and conduct due diligence digitally. Once suppliers meets our standard, they gain access to the Partner Portal.

Ongoing Evaluation

We monitor the first few orders from new suppliers, track performance metrics. Additionally. we conduct on-site visits to nurture relationships and drive continuous improvements in quality.

Join us as a manufacturing partner
Be part of our network if you are located in Southeast Asia and have these technologies:
CNC Machining
Latest precision CNC turning, milling, drilling and welding processes.
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Low and high volume production including laser and waterjet cutting.
3D Printing
Fast and effective method for iterating and functional protoyping.
Injection Moulding
Low and high volume production for range of materials, sizes and complexity.
Surface Treatment
Versatile coating options for enhanced appearance and enhanced durability extension of items.
Re-engineering Services
Versatile coating options for enhanced appearance and durability.
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